Stephen Lorenzo Walkes is a freelance illustrator and caricature artist, born and based in London, England. His deep passion for drawing began as early as 7 years old, where he would constantly practice sketching the promotional photos from his older brother's Hip Hop magazines, and vinyl records. Naturally this gradually transcended Stephen into other areas of art related hobbies. He soon went on to study Film, TV, and animation production at London College of Communication. Where upon graduation, he eventually found employment as a Video Production assistant in the creative department of a publishing company. It was during this period, at the age of 27, that Stephen discovered the works of illustration and caricature maestros, Jason Seiler, and Sebastian Kruger, which soon opened him up to a whole new extraordinary world of art, and proved to be the turning point of his creative ambitions.

Immediately Stephan pursued an art and illustration career, buoyed on by his growing list of inspirational illustration heroes. Through traditional and digital mediums, his distinctive blend of outrageous cartoon exaggerations, mixed with an uncanny attention to photo realistic details, has quickly developed him into a bright and celebrated talent. Stephen's journey as an artist has led him to work on various t-shirt design projects, cover art for independent Hip Hop Mix-tapes, poster art for small printing companies within London's renowned Camden town, and an illustration role for the sports section of editorial magazine, EMEL. He has also illustrated promotional art for UK soul singer, Omar Lyefook MBE, and is the co-founder and art director of a new Paris based clothing line named, Doopsie Joint.

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