Awesome Animators - Student Showcase (2011)

The orchestra elegantly sets the mood. The spotlights beckon you. Flash bulbs light up the red carpet. And the world eagerly awaits your arrival. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Showcase.

Old cinematic Hollywood was all about the character. Actors channeled that inner emotion to capture the audience. And now, as you join Animation Mentor for Showcase 2011, you too will see students from around the world as leading actors. Prepare to be entertained, empowered ... and moved.

Animation Mentor Student Showcase 2011 03:57
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ANIMATOR CREDITS: Svetla Radivoeva, Martin Sen, Dan Carey, Adam Fraser, Thomas Grummt, Derek Kent, Mariya Kalachova, Jude Brownbill, Florent Perrin, Jean-Luc Delhougne, Jeffrey Engel, Daniele Zannone, Malcon Pierce, Daniel Harman, Tyler Phillips, Miurika Valery, Avner Engel, James Jumphries, Margherita Premuroso.