District 9 - The Video Game developed by Students of Centre NAD - Done in 15 weeks

District 9 -- The videogame. You saw the movie, now it's time to play...

DISTRICT NINE (2011) 01:07 | Animation - Videogame
Produced at Centre NAD (http://www.centrenad.com) in a 15 weeks production

CREDITS: Level Art : Maxime Goulet, Kevin Huynh, Kevin Lavigne-Bourque, Eve Marineau-Levasseur, Pascal Michel, Jean-Nicolas Racicot and Taciana Viaud
Level Design : Jean-François Desmarais, Michael Di Gregorio-Rifiorati, Jessica Hébert, Félix-Antoine Lauzon, Mikhaël Vaillancourt. Character Modeling : Mathieu Goulet, Maxime Masse, Dang Nguyen, Justin Zanelli
Animation : Étienne Carrière-Roberge, Vanessa Fillion-Tremblay, Adam Harvey. Visual effects : Mathieu Vincent

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