Andreas Feix - 2009 (VFX Showreel)

Viewing in HQ recommended.

Finally I had the chance to put my showreel online, now that a few more of the projects have been released. It contains the top work I did over the last year, both commercial & privat / personal work, with a variety of tasks & situations solved.

Projects include:
- Star Wars: Threads of Destiny (Rasmus Tirzitis)
- Babaren (Oliver Staubi)
- M.A.R.S. (Alexander Kiesl & Steffen Hacker)
- Buzz TV "Beeline" (Alexander Kiesl & Steffen Hacker)
- Honda "Love" (Alexander Kiesl & Steffen Hacker)
- Break (Matthias Olof Eich)
- Tempo "ToiPa" (Alexander Kiesl & Steffen Hacker)
- The Dead Chick in the Closet (Henric Brandt)
- "Gegen Noma e.V." (Alexander Kiesl & Steffen Hacker)


A detailed shot breakdown PDF can be downloaded here:

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