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Over 30 years experience doing illustration, graphics and design for publications, agencies, and clients in various fields - the work includes:

Design and illustration in developing figurines and products for mass market retail outlets
Illustration in a variety of styles, both serious and humorous
3D modeling and rendering, technical and illustrative
Nationally published Greeting Cards and Gift Products
Logos, Flash Banners, Catalog, Brochure and Ad design
Book covers, Magazine, Book and Newspaper illustration
Wearable art (T-Shirts, etc.)
Digital Sculpting (Figurines, Presentations, Trophies, Models)

Nate making a book

We require 244 more pushes to publish Nate's portfolio book. ?

With everyone's support, we're turning Nate's artwork into a perfect bound, professional book(let). As a thank you, we will print every pusher's name and URL inside printed and digital book. It's free and easy to support your fellow artists and have your book made as well. Simply log inside, click push it, then start pushing your own, remember to share this page. Registration is free and required to track names and urls we'll print in the book. We want everyone to help us decide which portfolio images should make up Nate's book. Look at the portfolio below and nominate images you think should be published. Share this page with your friends and let's get it made.

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Portfolio Gallery
Videos Contest Entries

713 2 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Jumping Jack

739 2 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Things Are Looking Up

709 0 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Santa's Surprise

666 1 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
The Legend

652 0 in Paintings: Mixed Media
The Furrier

2053 0 in Illustrations: Character Design
Old Horse

2142 0 in Illustrations: Character Design
Party Animals

738 0 in Paintings: Oil Paintings
When the Sun Bleeds

654 0 in Illustrations: Character Design
For the Kids

803 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Tommy Lee Jones

728 0 in Caricatures (All media)

739 0 in Caricatures (All media)
Law & Order's Jerry Orbach

672 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Bob Marley cover

670 0 in Fantasy

678 0 in Fantasy
Andoid Dreams

698 0 in Fantasy
Ascent of Man

711 0 in Fantasy
Breaking Free

1125 0 in Fantasy
Fantasy Jungle

686 0 in Fantasy
In Good Hands

702 0 in Portraits & Figures
Pirate's Sun

643 2 in Fantasy
Probing the Psyche

648 0 in Paintings: Mixed Media
Sky Sailing

920 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Sleepy Fisherman

4507 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Augusta Aerial Cartoon Map

792 0 in Posters
NBHA Poster

653 0 in Illustrations: Miscallenous
Border Bash cover art

602 0 in 3D
Product Concepts

621 0 in 3D
The Horseman: A Figurine

674 0 in Portraits & Figures
Assassin Figurine

631 0 in Portraits & Figures
Blond Girl

806 0 in Portraits & Figures
Rock Star figurine

640 0 in Portraits & Figures
The Enforcer

635 0 in Portraits & Figures
Photo of desktop figurine "The Horseman"

642 0 in Portraits & Figures
Honky-Tonk Piano Man figurine

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