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1502 0 in Portraits & Figures (Drawings)
I did it for Sketchoholic.com's Greg Hildebrandt's Sexy Marilyn Monroe Contest.... But I missed the uploading date...T^T so i didnt get to join the contest....sign.. Owelll...

1075 1 in Conceptual
3rd year animation group film idea concept sketch~

1114 0 in Illustrations: Character Design
Just me :P

996 1 in Conceptual
Family in the kitchen~Last year stuff~playing with Flash,illustrator and Photoshop~

975 0 in Conceptual
Street design~Last year stuff~I love color :)

921 1 in Conceptual
last year stuff~frist time finishing a concept drawing with photoshop :3

993 0 in Conceptual
Concept art I did for my group film~they changed the story so I guess its not needed anymore~ :P

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