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The Animation Workshop VIA University

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The Animation Workshop VIA University

Animation / Film

The Animation Workshop enjoys a strong and wide reputation due to the top educations we provide for the international film industry, yet we are much more than a school. The Animation Workshop is an international centre of knowledge and development for animation (and related) professions and businesses.

We strive to make the best foundation for specialised educations and courses in animation, and we are also dedicated to the development of all aspects of the profession – both artistically and commercially. The Animation Workshop - a part of VIA University College - is always defined by the talent of the people studying and working within its walls. Talent and craft have absolute focus. It is our job to create the best thinkable social settings, production facilities and information for development and production

Since the late 1980s, The Animation Workshop has educated and trained animators for the Danish as well as the international animation, computer game and visual effects industry. Teachers as well as students come from both Denmark and the rest of the world, as a result of which all classes are conducted in English. The Animation Workshop attracts teachers from all over the world, including professional animation artists from well known studios such as Pixar and Dreamworks.

The Animation Workshop consists of six distinct departments:

Batchelor of Arts in Character Animation - the core of the Animation Workshop

Professional Training Course - aimed at industry professionals;

Drawing Academy - traditional drawing courses;

Open Workshop - facilities and know-how for arts and short film projects;

Centre for Education and Animation - research and development in the area of children and youth animation;

Midtjysk Animationsvæksthus - a regional centre for small companies within animation.

The Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation is the core of the Animation Workshop with approximately 150 students. In 2003 the education obtained official recognition by the Danish Ministry of Education and after 3½ years successful students graduate as Bachelors of Arts in Character Animation. The Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation consists of two lines, Character Animator and the newly started Computer Graphics Artist (CG Artist) line:

The Character Animator line focuses on 2D as well as 3D animation of characters for animation films, TV, computer games and commercials. The Computer Graphics Artist line focuses mostly on 3D production and the creation of 3D universes and characters – popularly speaking the CG artists become the “scenographers” of the animation industry. Due to the international character of students and teachers (of the latter, 85% are drawn from outside Denmark), all classes are conducted in English.

During the course of the program, an internship on a real production at a studio is mandatory for the students. All graduating students are encouraged to pursue internships with animation studios and visual effects houses around the world, and the school makes extensive efforts to place every student with an internship. The majority of graduates find employment at animation or computer game studios and productions around the world. Among other places, bachelors from The Animation Workshop have achieved jobs at Cartoon Network, London, and Telltale Games, United States.

The Animation Workshop acts as a production facility for student films, completed in the students' final year of studies. Recent film projects include: Space Stallions (2012), Ride Of Passage(2012), Vaesen(2012), Wing(2012), Slug Invasion(2012), The Backwater Gospel (2011), The Saga of Biorn (2011), Last Fall (2011). Out of a Forest (2010). Stop Motherfucker (2010), The Fox Sisters (2010), The Lumberjack (2010), Elk Hair Caddis (2010), Vegeterrible (2010), The Heart of Amos Klein (2008)

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