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The Gnomon Workshop

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The Gnomon Workshop

Arts & Design / Visual effects Education

The Gnomon Workshop, the industry leader in professional training for artists in the entertainment and design industries. Founded by Alex Alvarez in 2000, The Gnomon Workshop was launched as a means to share professional techniques with artists who could not attend the hands-on courses offered at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, California. Over the past nine years, the Gnomon Workshop DVD library has expanded to offer training by over ninety professional instructors on a diverse range of tools, software and media for film and game visual effects, entertainment design, illustration, sculpting and tattooing. Shipped or downloaded to literally every corner of the globe, our DVDs can be found in countless libraries, studios and universities... and on many thousands of bookshelves.

DVD and Downloadable Training for:

Film & Game Visual Effects
* Foundation
* 3D Modeling & Sculpting
* Character Rigging
* Character Animation
* Compositing
* Digital Cinematography
* Digital Sets
* Effects Animation
* Lighting and Rendering
* Matte Painting
* Texturing
* Matchmoving

Entertainment Design
* Foundation / Color Theory
* Character / Creature Design
* Environment Design
* Vehicle Design
* Storyboarding

* Foundation
* Comic Book Illustration
* Fantasy Illustration
* Painting

Industrial Design, Tattooing, Sculpture, and more...

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