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Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art

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Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art

Arts & Design / Education

The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA) was founded in 2002 by Maryam Storm and Leo Stok. LAAFA was started with the intention to fulfill a need in our community by offering figurative classes that would be taught by professional and talented artists. In no time, the school had built a strong reputation as a learning institution that provided high quality foundational training. To this day, LAAFA continues to be recognized as one of the few and premier institutions imparting time-honored skills praised by contemporary figurative and entertainment artists. With the retirement of Leo Stok in 2007, Maryam Storm, as the sole owner of LAAFA remains committed to providing our community with a place of learning where students can pursue their artistic goals and thrive in their art education.

Since LAAFA is located in Los Angeles county, our students have the opportunity to explore the many fine art districts, theatres, galleries, museums as well as large commercial and small independent entertainment and design studios. Our illustrious faculty is comprised of professional fine and entertainment artists who share their wisdom, passion and expertise with each student. In addition, our dedicated staff will go above and beyond to anticipate the students’ needs to ensure that their experience at LAAFA is rewarding. LAAFA’s ability to offer affordable, low cost tuition programs as well as providing its students with an intimate, unique and progressive atmosphere makes LAAFA a preferred choice in art education.
LAAFA has been selected as one of the Top 10 Best Art Schools in the World by the well respected art publication, American Artist Magazine.

LAAFA’s Programs are designed to develop artists at any stage of their artistic careers.

LAAFA‘s Extension Program:
Available for artists who are unable to commit to a full-time intensive curriculum. For those students who are interested in being immersed in a 3-year course of study, we offer BFA and Atelier Programs for both
Fine Art and Entertainment Art.

Entertainment Art Program:
Starts with building a foundation of traditional skills and concludes with digital entertainment related courses. This unique combination of classic and contemporary practices provides our students with a truly effective ability to enhance, facilitate, and authenticate digital and entertainment art.

Fine Arts Program:
Also starts with a foundation of traditional skills, however, it concludes with independent-study orientated courses. This unique curriculum combines the capacity to effectively represent the visual world, with introspective and critical thinking practices, and produces singular, original, and provocative artists.

Our graduates leave our school with the required skill sets needed to pursue an invigorating and lasting career in the contemporary art world.

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