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OCAD University

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OCAD University

Arts & Design / Education

OCAD University is Canada’s “university of the imagination.” The University, founded in 1876, is dedicated to art and design education, practice and research and to knowledge and invention across a wide range of disciplines. OCAD University is building on its traditional, studio-based strengths, adding new approaches to learning that champion cross-disciplinary practice, collaboration and the integration of emerging technologies. In the Age of Imagination, OCAD University community members will be uniquely qualified to act as catalysts for the next advances in culture, technology and quality of life for all Canadians.

Programs offered:

Graduate Programs:
- Contemporary Art, Design and New Media Art Histories (MA)
- Criticism and Curatorial Practice (MFA)
- Digital Futures (MA, MFA, MDes & Graduate Diploma)
- Inclusive Design (MDes)
- Interdisciplinary Master's in Art, Media and Design (MA, MFA & MDes)
- Strategic Foresight and Innovation (MDes)

Undergraduate Studies:
OCAD U delivers specialized, discipline-based education in an interdisciplinary context, integrating studio learning with historical, critical and scientific inquiry. Curriculum has more breadth and depth than any other fine arts program in Canada. Liberal studies courses explore the theories and ideas behind art and design practice, providing historical and critical context to studio work in art and design. These courses equip students with the analytical skills they need to execute ideas within the studio. Here, students sharpen their capacity to think critically and creatively. They also learn to write well.
- Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
- Bachelor of Design
- Bachelor of Fine Arts

OCAD U is building on traditional strengths, adding new approaches to learning that champion cross-disciplinarity, collaboration and the integration of emerging technologies.

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