This is my graduation (master) film at Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics, Ankara, TÃœRKÄ°YE (TURKEY).

I was inspired Mehmet Siyah Kalem's demon pictures and his fantastic world. Bügü is the old Turkish name. Its mean philosopher, wise and wizard. Bügü while she was taking a walk in the country joyfully, she is swallowed by the soil. When demons underground were about to eat her, she recognizes the words that her grandmother thaught and starts to whisper them. Bügü, gains strength by beating demons, becomes a bird and flies towards the earth. This was her first exam as a shaman.

Director, story, character design, character modeling, rigging, texturing. animation: Aynur Fomin Çatal

Facial morphers, compositing, visual fx, rendering, sound design: Sonat Çatal

Genre: 3d animation

Year : 2011

Time : 3 min.

2011 Ä°stanbul Animation Festival (Finalist).

2012 Ankara Film Festival (Finalist).



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